Weight Loss with the Acai Berry

Weight LossMost likely you've heard the saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

There is absolutely no shortage of hype floating around about the magical acai berry and its weight loss abilities. Sure, it can help you lose weight but so can bananas if used correctly. Once Oprah featured the acai berry diet on her program, unverified claims and products began springing out of no where.

In reality, most of the claims being made by manufacturers of acai berry weight loss products are not backed up by any sort of scientific research. There are no papers published on the effects of taking these supplements. Some groups (such as the owners of this website) have taken the time to conduct small panels that test the validity of major, more reputable products but in general, you should be cautious.

That's not to say that acai berry can't aide you in your weight loss goal.

You Need More Fiber

First, the concentration of fiber contained in a single acai berry is much higher than in other fruits. It is this high fiber that helps to keep your digestive system working properly and regularly, to push out the fatty types of foods. On top of its ability to stimulate digestions, fiber also acts as an appetite suppressant as it makes you feel fuller faster and longer.

Slow Metabolism?

Next, and perhaps more important than fiber, is the metabolism-boosting effect acai has on the system. The same types of omega fatty acids found in foods like olive oil, fish oil and flaxseed are contained in the acai berry. Unfortunately, our bodies are not equipped to produce these oils on their own but must obtain them from consumption of healthy foods. And don't be fooled, these types of fats aren't the kind that get stored in various parts of the body to make you look round and feel heavy. Quite the opposite. Instead, omega fatty acids are used by the liver to put metabolism into over-drive.

Build Muscle Tone With Acai Berry

Did you know that your muscles need amino acids to function well and repair themselves after workouts? Well, it's true. And the acai berry is very rich in amino acids, which also help to burn fat more efficiently. Muscle, if you weren't aware, not only looks great but burns more calories the more you use it. Once your muscles are properly toned, they burn more calories even while you're at rest. So of course, the more toned you become, the more calories you'll burn while on the move or sitting at home watching TV.

Increase Energy & Endurance With Acai Berry

Brazilians are some of the healthiest people on the planet and if you weren't aware, the acai berry comes directly from the Brazilian rainforest [Read: The History of Acai]. Traditionally, the people of Brazil use the acai pulp in various types of foods: juices, blends, sodas, etc. In northern Brazil, the people serve the fruit in gourds with tapioca or with granola as an energizer. Soccer players in Brazil will typically have a large helping of acai berry pulp before their games as it is an excellent source for carbohydrates, vitamins and other types of nutrition. Not only that, but the fruit is high in antioxidants which significantly improve energy levels. So when you're doing your power walk, or on your bike or even on your gym exercise equipment, you'll have the energy to give yourself a proper workout.

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