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Acai Berry Edge

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Acai Berry Edge is a great product, hence its position in our top selection. We gave it a five-star rating because it contains metabolism-boosting properties that we feel should be included in every similar product. Subjects lost weight at an accelerated pace.

Shipping on this product took about three days. Customer service was very helpful.

Here is an excerpt from the Acai Berry Edge website:

You could be suffering from pounds of excess waste stuck in the walls of your colon... this buildup can stay in your body for years and wreak all kinds of havoc.

Stop the bloat and discomfort now with Açaí Berry Edge, the cleansing solution with the antioxidant power of açaí. Cleansing can help you feel better instantly and ready to take on each day with renewed vigor. Plus, watch as your bloated midsection returns to a slimmer, flatter, more natural shape. Cleanse and purify your body now and feel the difference!

Bottom Line: Acai Berry Edge will help you lose weight while providing you with valuable antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins; plus, weight loss with this product was tested to be quicker than with our other reviewed products.